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It’s a feeling…|| Open Para

There was a reason that Lottie had hated going to school. She hadn’t been like the kids back home. No, she had been spoiled her entire life, and she really thought she was a princess. She HAD thought she was a princess. Lottie liked the big dresses and the crowns with pink everywhere. Everything she owned had to be a shade of pink. Obssesive much? Yes, it was, and she loved it. Still schoo had not been easy for her. For all the excited and exuberant she was, she was a bit awkward. That combined with her eccentric way of dress and uppity personality caused a bit of a problem.

Lottie was a sweet girl. She may have been spoiled but she never wished badly on anyone. It was that part that people couldn’t see, and it was one of the reasons she was moved to Disney. She had been here for a while, a good while. So far she had made friends, some closer than others. Lottie remained retracted. She didn’t know what was giving her a mental block, but it was there. There was a fear, and she figured that fear was being made fun of, or teased.

The one thing she knew she was certain of was Charming. He had been her constant, her rock. Lottie was off wandering the night, contemplating the things that she had heard lately. It was a whisper within the crowd, a look as she passed. There were some that doubted their relationship, said it was nothing more that physical attraction. She knew she shouldn’t listen, but if there was anything that Lottie was….it was emotional and expressive. She hadn’t been crying, she had just been lost in her thoughts and the park had been the perfect thing to push the things from her mind. She was vulnerable, worried…something so petty became something large in her mind. It was like a monster, arising from her mind and taking over every little part.

A bench…Lottie approached it and sat down with a little huff, pulling her knees into her chest and sighing softly.

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